Linda Saum

Therapist - MA, LPC

Linda is passionate about working with people of all ages and helping them navigate through life's ups and downs. She believes we are all given the inner strength to get us through  life's journey, and she enjoys  helping people find and channel that energy.

Linda understands that we sometimes get stuck in our thinking, emotions, and behaviors that may be holding us back from the joys life has to offer. She helps people create strategies for success. Coping skills, positive self- talk, mindfulness and a safe place to explore new paths are examples of how Linda helps people unlock their full potential.

Linda believes healthy people seek out counseling to assist in the journey to be the best "you".

Linda and her husband enjoy traveling, outdoor sports, games, DIY projects, walking their dogs and spending time with their adult children. Linda's favorite sports are golf and her recently learned love for pickleball.