About WMWG

Counseling to move life forward.

At some point in life, everyone gets stuck. West Michigan Wellness Group provides a safe, objective environment to help people of all ages and circumstances move forward, even if your circumstances don’t change. Our team of therapists is honored to walk alongside you, helping you gain perspective and insight into your unique story and situation and offering expert counsel when needed.

Here at West Michigan Wellness Group, we honor you, your time and your story. In order to best do that, we commit to living out the following values in the work we do.


Providing quality, responsible, professional, competent clinical work provides a foundation for the work done in the therapy room. As a team, we stay up to date on treatment approaches and commit to our own mental and emotional health. Our management team is also very selective in the hiring process to make sure clinicians hold to the same standards.

Tailored approach

The treatment we provide is never a one-site-fits-all approach. Every person has been created unique, and with that every story is unique. Even if your experience fits within common experiences like anxiety and depression, we understand the circumstances and situations leading to that are unique to you. This reaffirms the importance of hearing and knowing your personal story and journey. All of this is taken into consideration when formulating a treatment plan.


We journey with you to help you begin to tell and integrate your personal story. When we own our story, our journey, it allows us to show up more genuinely in our gifts and abilities, and in our relationships. Our therapists help you discover who you were created to be, along with healing from wounding that may have kept you from being your authentic self. 


WMWG is a West Michigan, locally owned organization, and we are proud to be a part of this community. With that, we understand the unique culture of this community and how that may inform your story. We were created for community and relationships, and as we work with local individuals, we know it makes a direct positive impact on the community.


We don’t ever want to feel constrained by the traditional counseling model. If there is a need in our practice, or in our community, we work to meet that need with an innovative approach. This might include things like counseling groups, therapeutic yoga, consulting, training, teaching, and speaking. It’s a joy to work creatively to meet the needs of our community.