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At some point in life, everyone gets stuck. Stuck in a difficult relationship, in depression or anxiety, on an unfulfilling or stalled career path. You may be wondering, “How do I get out of this mess?” You don’t need to struggle alone. That’s why at West Michigan Wellness Group, we make it simple to start moving forward:

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Here’s what to expect in your first meeting with West Michigan Wellness Group:

First: We cover the basics of counseling. A healthy relationship includes clear goals and expectations, so together we will cover important points including scheduling, payment, confidentiality, the benefits and risks of counseling, and anything else important to you and your counseling goals.

Second: We will spend time getting to know you. You can expect to share basic personal information such as where you live, your counseling history, health concerns, etc. We will also do a quick sketch of your family so we are familiar with who you are in that context and learn about other people who may be a part of your story.

Third: We will ask you to share your story. We know this part can be difficult, and we also know how important this is to your growth and healing. At West Michigan Wellness Group, we help guide you through your story, even the difficult parts. We won't cover every detail in your first session, but we will begin to have a sense of what brings you in, where you would like to go moving forward, and how we can help you get there.

In future sessions, we encourage you as the client to lead. You determine what is most important to you to explore and discuss. You talk more, we listen more. And together we'll journey through your story towards wellness.

What People Say About Us

Tim Alles

Attorney and Owner, Alles Law

“My goal in engaging Kevin was to lead my team better with less effort. Kevin helped me obtain greater insight into my own personality and leadership style. He then distilled for me the daily actions and behaviors necessary to implement this new knowledge to most positively impact my organization and team. The process and effort were worth it!”

David Morren

Owner, Insignia Homes

Kevin has played a vital role in several occasions counseling several of my employees with difficulties in their lives ranging from self-esteem, marriage or other emotional issues.  My employees have benefited greatly through their experience with Kevin, and have great respect for him.

Rev. R. Scott Greenway

Pastor, Caledonia CRC

Quite simply he helps people understand and confront their challenges.

Pastor John Smith

President & Chief Encouragement Officer - PastorCare West Michigan

Kevin DeKam is on my short list of the best counselors that I recommend most often.

Steve Huizenga

President - Allied Mechanical Services

As a business owner, former Elder, and ministry leader I have referred employees, church members, and friends.  Each person has seen benefit and healing from Kevin.

John Collier

President - Father’s Love Ministries

I consider him an ally and a great resource for counseling and recovery of PTSD.  Kevin is intentional about providing help and services for people and he genuinely cares.

Rev. Dr. Andrew D. Atwood


I've known Kevin as a colleague for a couple of decades and have found him to be a mature and principled person.  He has been a competent clinician with an appreciation for the goodness of a broad range of people. Kevin is a trustworthy person, both professionally and personally.

Amy Vangunst

Therapist and Executive Coordinator - The Fountain Hill Center for Counseling and Consultation

Kevin has been a colleague of mine for over a decade...He is compassionate and direct, can challenge and comfort, and creates a healthy space for clients to explore their issues.

What do you miss out on when you’re stuck?

LIVING a full life

Day after day of the same frustration, disappointment, arguments, pain, or fear can make life feel like it’s at a standstill.  Instead of living a full and satisfying life, being stuck can often include experiencing depression, anxiety, loss of direction, hope or joy.


When you are not well, your relationships feel the impact and when your relationships are stuck, it can make you feel unwell.  Unhealthy tension, unresolved conflict, apathy, loneliness or just a general sense that your relationships aren’t what they could or should be are often the cause and effect of being stuck.


Our physical, social, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual realities are deeply connected, so when we struggle in one area of our lives, it impacts our overall well-being. This can be overwhelming, and leave you wondering how to move forward or if it’s even possible to change.

Do I really need counseling?

If affordability is the only barrier to you getting the help you need, West Michigan Wellness Group may be able to work with you to figure out a plan that fits your budget. Financial well-being is a part of overall wellness, and we take that seriously. We invite you to have a conversation with us about costs in order to determine what works for you.

We understand and work with busy schedules. We offer a wide variety of appointment times (including early mornings and evenings) to work around the rest of your life. And many people find that life feels more open and schedules freer when they start working through the issues keeping them stuck.

We are here to walk with you through your story. Often what keeps people stuck in their life is how difficult it can be to gain perspective. By inviting an outside voice in to your challenges, you gain the invaluable gift of objectivity. The team at West Michigan Wellness Group is trained to journey with you, get to know you, and help you discover what you need to move forward in life towards wellness.

If you’re considering counseling now, we can likely help where you are before it gets worse. The average amount of time people wait between considering counseling and making an appointment is eight years. Eight years of issues deepening, worsening, and impacting more and more areas of life. If you’re here wondering if counseling is right for you, now is the time to make the call. Don’t stay stuck for the next decade, wondering if things will get better on their own. The first step is easy, so you can start moving towards wellness today.

Actually, counseling can benefit anyone! Most of our clients would consider themselves very normal people who benefit from sharing their difficulties with someone outside of their normal life. At WMWG, we support people moving through new or old challenges that have them stuck. The difference between people who come to us for counseling and those who don’t is not about people with problems vs. those without them but, because we all have difficulties we face in life, those who are willing to deal with them vs. those who are not. If you’re here wondering if you need counseling, it won’t hurt to schedule a first conversation. Why wait until something manageable becomes a crisis?!

West Michigan Wellness Group works with people in a wide range of areas with a focus on moving forward towards wellness.

Family Court Services

Co-Parenting Counseling

Parent Coordination

Parent-Child Reintegration Services

Supervised Parenting Time

Personal Counseling

Individual Counseling (Adults and Children)

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