Counseling Services

West Michigan Wellness Group offers counseling services for children, teens, young adults, adults, couples and families. We serve a wide array of focus areas including anxiety, depression, stress, transitions/adjustments, grief, trauma, relationships, couples and more. Contact us to begin a conversation to see if counseling is right for you.

West Michigan Wellness Group serves people in a wide range of areas:

Personal Counseling

Individual Counseling (Adults and Children)

Pre-Marital Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Family Counseling

Parenting Support

Group Counseling

Psychotherapeutic Yoga

Organizational Training and Consulting

Strategic Direction

Team Building

Personality Profiling (Individuals and Teams)

Speaking and Training

Conflict Resolution


Family Court Services

Co-Parenting Counseling

Parent Coordination

Parent-Child Reintegration Services

Supervised Parenting Time


Is your child or teen struggling with anxiety, depression, friends, family issues or school? Having them meet with their own therapist to discuss these stressors provides them a safe space to feel supported by a trusted, professionally trained adult, along with an environment to learn practical coping skills.


Life is heavy and we can all benefit from going through it with someone who understands and has the ability to offer additional insight, tools and support. Invest in individual therapy to begin taking steps toward healing from past wounds, dealing with current stressors, and working toward becoming a healthier version of yourself.


Relationships are complicated but they are also vital to a thriving life. Trying to improve a relationship on your own can be challenging. Stepping into relationship counseling provides an objective, clinically trained professional to lead the conversation and offer guidance on helpful next steps.

Here’s what to expect in your first meeting with West Michigan Wellness Group:

First: We cover the basics of counseling. A healthy relationship includes clear goals and expectations, so together we will cover important points including scheduling, payment, confidentiality, the benefits and risks of counseling, and anything else important to you and your counseling goals.

Second: We will spend time getting to know you. You can expect to share basic personal information such as where you live, your counseling history, health concerns, etc. We will also do a quick sketch of your family so we are familiar with who you are in that context and learn about other people who may be a part of your story.

Third: We will ask you to share your story. We know this part can be difficult, and we also know how important this is to your growth and healing. At West Michigan Wellness Group, we help guide you through your story, even the difficult parts. We won't cover every detail in your first session, but we will begin to have a sense of what brings you in, where you would like to go moving forward, and how we can help you get there.

In future sessions, we encourage you as the client to lead. You determine what is most important to you to explore and discuss. You talk more, we listen more. And together we'll journey through your story towards wellness.