Amy Zeilstra

Therapist - MSW, LMSW

Amy is honored to be a therapist. She understands that being invited into people’s lives through their stories is gift. A great therapeutic relationship is crucial for change and growth, so Amy values the client, therapist relationship and will work to ensure people feel seen and heard. Amy has ten years of experience as a therapist and has worked with an array of issues including anxiety, depression, complex trauma, adjustment, sexuality, and attachment to name a few. She is passionate about meeting people where they are and helping them understand themselves better. Because knowing oneself is imperative to improving quality of life—this is an important step! Amy will help you work toward your life goals and to challenge unhelpful obstacles getting in the way of finding healing and peace. Through her experience, Amy has realized that she is most comfortable in the messy gray areas of life. Because of this, she is able to help people identify and address the issues confronting them and aid in improving their lives through self-reflection, self-efficacy, and self-acceptance.

Outside of the office, Amy is a mama to two great kiddos. She is married to JJ and they live in a 100+ year old home which requires much attention. They lovingly refer to it as “Grand Old Lady”. They spend a lot of time hiking, beaching, and playgrounding with their kids. They also love to travel and show their kids the world through camping and adventuring. She's glad you're here!